Green Cooling Products

As a small company, CoastlineLtd. takes big steps to reduce environmental risks and increase environmental benefits associated with the use of water in commercial, institutional, and light industrial processes. In order to accomplish this we:

  • Customize treatment programs to optimize performance
  • Develop new technologies and products with an emphasis on the environment and its protection; Coastline’s new GreenLine range of products are designed to fully comply with the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry, as outlined in Green Chemistry: Theory and Practice, by Dr. Paul Anastas and Dr. John Warne, and used as the basis for the evaluation of green chemistry by the Design for Environment (DfE) Program, administered by the United States EPA
  • Routinely review policies, procedures and industry practices to be sure we are offering our customers the latest in equipment, materials and support

Industrial water treatment, by its very nature, benefits the environment. Over the years past our focus has been to partner with our customers in an effort to design the most efficient water treatment programs to not only maintain clean systems but also conserve energy and natural resources such as water and fuel. However, in the last three years our focus has been to work to develop a range of products that incorporate raw materials that are individually evaluated to assure it provides the lowest environmental impact of all components for that specific application.

To date we have successfully formulated and implemented a program that incorporated the use of bio-based raw materials and products that have received the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Awards. With the success of this program we have since developed “GreenLine” cooling tower and closed loop products, which are currently under the EPA’s Design for the Environment review. In addition to Greenline TI-100, to be used in waters that are moderately scale forming, our chemists have now formulated and have conducted trials with GreenLine TI-200, for waters with elevated phosphate levels and problems associated with calcium phosphate deposition.

Coastline will continue to strive to evaluate new products and technologies that will not only provide better solutions to our customers needs, but will do it with an emphasis on following John Warner’s fundamental idea of green chemistry, ” the designer of a chemical is responsible for considering what will happen to the world after the agent is put in place”. John Warner is from the University of Massachusetts-Lowell, which hosts the nation’s only doctoral program in green chemistry.