Cooling Products

Cooling Tower Systems, regardless of equipment configuration, materials of construction, or sources of water, are all subject to four basic problems: corrosion, scale, fouling, and microbiological contamination. When allowed to go unchecked, these problems cause loss of heat transfer and equipment failure resulting in increased maintenance costs and, in severe cases, system shutdowns. Coastline has the products and technologies you need to minimize deposition\corrosion in a variety of cooling water systems:

  • Open Recirculating programs custom designed for specific conditions
  • Closed loop programs for hot and chilled systems
  • Once through treatments
  • Cooling system cleanup products for organic or inorganic foulants

We also offer a complete line of industry standard microbiological control agents with EPA and State registrations:

  • Oxidizing – Stabilized Bromine liquid, BCDMH tablets, etc
  • Non-Oxidizing – Isothiazoline, Glutaraldehyde, DBNPA, etc
  • Biodispersants – DTEA-II, etc